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“The Art of Making It soars when it concentrates, as it often does, on the concepts and the process of making boundary-breaking art.”


“Every creative industry should get a survey of its shortcomings as engaging and comprehensive as Kelcey Edwards’ coast-to-coast travelogue of major galleries and the fine artists who struggle to break into them.”


Against the backdrop of a culture in crisis, THE ART OF MAKING IT follows a diverse cast of young artists at defining moments in their careers to explore whether the art world ecosystem meant to nurture them is actually failing them. Are we at risk of losing the creative voices of a new generation as universities, galleries and museums face cataclysmic changes? Or, are we on the verge of recreating outdated modes of experiencing art to make it accessible to all?


Embracing the conundrum of how artists must be in the market yet not of it, THE ART OF MAKING IT is both a cautionary tale about what America stands to lose if we don’t rethink what we value and why and a love letter to those who persevere in their artistic practice in spite of the extraordinary odds against ever achieving success


— The Art of Making It

THE ART OF MAKING IT the feature-length documentary directed by Kelcey Edwards had its world premiere at HAMPTONS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL its NYC premiere at DOC NYC and is having its exas premiere in the Festival Favorites category of SXSW. Sign up for our newsletter for information on future events.

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